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What we do

News Unspun aims to examine the political role of the media and to create an environment of discussion and debate. Our objective is to challenge the ideological premises behind the news media and, in particular, to identify in reporting the subjective viewpoints presented as objective 'common sense'.

We do not claim to provide the truth behind the news; rather we seek to encourage a more critical analysis of news from all sources.

How we do it

News articles and broadcasts are set against the historical record, and analyses are formed in consideration of academic and statistical studies, and alternative narratives and viewpoints.

Why we do it

We believe the media should provide a plurality of viewpoints, encouraging inclusion and providing a platform for a multiplicity of voices.

We believe that the role of the media in democratic society should be to hold those in power to account and to challenge dominant or prescribed viewpoints so that public discourse may be informed by rigorous discussion and debate.

We provide this analysis in an attempt to expand the boundaries of discourse delimited by mainstream news.

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