Fact-checking Rory Carroll on Venezuela

The Editors, 28 January 2013 | 4 Comments

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In the New Statesman on 25 January 2013, a special feature entitled 'After Chavez' included contributions from two of The Guardian's former Latin America correspondents, Richard Gott and Rory Carroll, presenting opposing viewpoints on the current situation in Venezuela, and the political legacy of the Chavez government.

The New Statesman leader comments that, 'To some, [Chavez] is the last, best hope for socialism in an age of global capital; to others, he is an elected autocrat and demagogue'. Rory Carroll, it is noted, 'deems [Chavez] guilty as charged'.

Carroll depicts an ailing 'autocrat' leaving behind a 'disparate ruling coalition' and a 'warping economy'. Below is an analysis of Carroll's contribution, 'An Elected Autocrat', in which we have considered the premises behind a selection of his arguments and conducted some basic fact-checking, highlighting many inaccuracies in Carroll's analysis.

Other issues have received much debate elsewhere, the details of which have not been reiterated in this analysis - please feel free to add your contributions in the comment section below.

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Comments (4)

1. CL.Scott28 January 2013 11:25

All the more reason to go to media lens, news unspun and Global research to name just a few instead of the stultifying irrelevant broadcasting and print media beholden to corporate handouts (advertising) These two presstitutes should be ignored for their wanton lies and missrepresentation. hail to those who have seen the light and desire and demand a future of their own making! Chavez in all honesty with a track record like that somewhere close to Ghadaffi on the human index. They tower above those leaders who have destroyed not only sovereign nations but their own! Representative democracy is alive and well at least in Veneuzela.

2. tony b28 January 2013 16:14

fantastic thank you

3. fitzroy herbert31 January 2013 11:27

Perhaps we should really evaluate Carroll's article in the only truly relevant context, his own career...He's now got a plum west coast US job. The stuff he has been posting recently will have gone down very nicely there and ensured him a warm welcome. And of course his book will do well......

4. Paulo14 February 2013 10:54

Thank you very much for publishing this elucidating work.

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