Iraq Occupation: A 'Foolish' 'Mistake'

BBC Radio 4 (The Today Show) - 15 December 2011
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John Humphries interviews former Pentagon official Richard Perle about the Iraq conflict, who discussed the actions and responsibilities of 'civilised countries' with regards to Iraq. Here are some of their thoughts:

Richard Perle: '...Most of the Iraqis who died in this conflict died at the hands of other Iraqis...'

John Humphrys: 'We did a lot of things that were so foolish... We created the conditions in which a different kind of terror flourished'

Richard Perle suggests that the mistake the US made was 'falling into the position of occupier'.

It's the usual apologist attitude: no mention of lies or deceit, just mistakes and foolishness. Much of the blame for the destruction of Iraq is pinned on the Iraqis themselves.

Listen to the audio clip from 15 December 2011:

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