Irish cuts and tax rises: positive effect?

BBC Radio 4 (The Today Show) - 30 August 2011
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The BBC Today Show website reported on the 30th August that “a tough prescription of cuts and tax rises” seems to be “having a positive effect” in Ireland. In his report, Jim Fitzpatrick interviews a number of people in Ireland about the economic changes there.

The report, like many reports on economic conditions, gives more attention to a small number of people who are ‘bucking the trend’, not representing the majority of the country so well. Those interviewed with positive reactions about the changes are:

Simon Barry, chief economist at Ulster Bank, who says that “exports grew” and that “tourism is up about 15%, so that’s all going pretty well”.

David McGrane, who is “bucking the trend” selling specialist cigars and whiskeys (Old Comber, he says, is €550 a bottle).

Martin Murphy, the Hewlett Packard boss, who says that “what Irish people are starting to realise, I hope, is that competitiveness is not ‘let’s make a few adjustments and then we’re back on track’”. “we need to get that into our DNA.”

The words of Damien English, recently elected and from the Fine Gael party, are summed up by the presenter as “there is no alternative”.

Listen to the audio clip from 30 August 2011:

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