John Humphrys on the Monarchy

BBC Radio 4 (Today) - 10 March 2012
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A particularly defensive John Humphrys discusses the Queen's Jubilee celebrations with Paul Flynn MP and Graham Smith, chief executive of Republic.

Graham Smith explains that his group is protesting against the coverage of the royal family by the BBC, which he claims 'takes a stance which is celebratory of the monarchy rather than simply reporting and reflecting.'

In the discussion that follows, Humphrys responds to the various arguments with the following:

'The nation is celebrating the Jubilee';
'You could say' that 'the Queen has done a pretty good job for sixty years and let's celebrate that';
'Does it matter?' in response to Flynn's assertion that 'MPs become infantalised by royalty';
'Pretty much whoever you talk to will say [...] the Queen's doing a good job';
'She may be a normal person but she's done a not terribly easy job';
'She's given us stability, constitutional stabilty'.

It must be said, Humphrys does not do much to dispel Smith's argument about the BBC's position on the monarchy.

Listen to the audio clip from 10 March 2012:

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