Jon Sopel Makes Slanderous Generalisations about Occupy London

BBC News - 30 November 2011
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Reporting from inside the police kettle at Panton Street in London, Jon Sopel remarked: "Although this is an Occupy London protest, so far no violence, no criminal damage, no... kind of... burning or looting of buildings or any of that description".

His comments misleadingly suggest that Occupy protests do normally involve all of the above.

Listen to the audio clip from 30 November 2011:

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Comments (4)

1. Penny30 November 2011 21:56

Maybe this "reporter" was referring to the police violence, criminal acts, etc. Or, he's following orders from on high.

Actually, since this is Libel, sue the schmuk.

2. John Doran30 November 2011 22:43

F**king outrageous bias. I will complain to the beeb and everyone should.

3. Rampant Sparrow01 December 2011 04:04

I just remembered that I shouldn't be surprised. The BBC is hardly independent anymore, it is often guilty of bad journalism these days and always toes the line on big stories like this. Shame really, cos I rather like their local radio station.

4. Stewart01 December 2011 10:29

Since when Have occupy london people been identified as rioters (burning and looting) BBC must clarify and make apologies and put Sopel on to light duties whilst his temperature settles down.

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