Toby Young's Defence of the Murdoch Press

BBC Radio 4 (The Today Show) - 7 July 2011
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On the Today Show, Toby Young cites three reasons why he thinks it would be a shame if the Murdoch empire crumbled as a result of the NoTW phone-hacking scandal.

- The tabloid newspapers break important stories about sports corruption;
- "If Murdoch hadn't existed, I wouldn't be able to [watch the apprentice on Sky Plus]";
- "He has ink for blood", and has kept The Times afloat even though it runs at a loss.

Listen to the audio clip from 7 July 2011:

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Comments (11)

1. Karl Maton7th July 2011 10:35

Toby Young has already proven that he likes the publicity of stating ridiculous views ... I do wish the BBC wouldn't feed his need for attention.

2. Simon7th July 2011 10:39

Those are pretty weak reasons if that's the best they get.

3. Mark7th July 2011 10:46

Thanks Toby; I now realise that the moral corruption of our politicians, political system and police force (not to mention the misery caused to certain individuals and families NI 'journalism') is a small price to pay for these truly remarkable benefits.

4. Michael7th July 2011 11:06

Yeah Toby, Murdoch is personally responsible for hard drive recorders, having invented all the technology personally. Fucking moron.

5. JockHigh7th July 2011 11:28

Why does anyone ask Toby Young anything, unless it is to be amused by his ridiculous, gossamer opinions.

6. Easy_eight7th July 2011 11:46

Err. TiVo?

7. Bob7th July 2011 11:53

Toby, I did not need a reason to think less of you.

8. Paul7th July 2011 12:19

This is not a good advert for The Today Show. Quite the opposite, in fact.

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