Wikileaks: US embassy discusses use of Andrew Marr show for 'maximum impact'

Blog: The Editors, 8 September 2011 | 1 Comment
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A Wikileaks cable from the US Embassy in London to Hilary Clinton shows the extent of understanding between the BBC and politicians that ‘maximum impact’ will be offered for their time. The cable straightforwardly points out that an appearance on the Andrew Marr show may help to ‘set the political agenda for the nation’.

The understanding in the cable is that Andrew Marr is an obedient interviewer, who will not ask anything surprising or challenging, but rather help the message from the US become part of the ‘essential weekend viewing for Britain’. The excerpt from the cable is below.

On the public diplomacy side, I hope you can take some time out to tape an interview with leading British journalist Andrew Marr, to be broadcast on his Sunday morning BBC TV talk show. The program, which reaches 1.5 million live and millions more on the web, is essential weekend viewing for Britain, often setting the week’s news and political agenda for the nation. The program could be taped at your hotel, at my residence or at the BBC studios in West London. It would be a powerful way for you to set out our priorities for Afghanistan/Pakistan, and underline our premier partnership with the United Kingdom. Marr is a congenial and knowledgeable interviewer who will offer maximum impact for your investment of time.

The cable was sent from the London Embassy, entitled “SCENESETTER: YOUR VISIT TO LONDON JANUARY 27-29”, on the 25th January 2010.

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1. tam17 August 2012 02:08

Marr is useless a stupid puppet not a real journalist bring back walden

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