BBC Deception Continues about November's IAEA Report

BBC News - 25 April 2012
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Even when running an article with the title 'Iran not building nuclear bomb, Israeli army chief says', the BBC continue to mislead readers as to the conclusions of the IAEA's November report on Iran's nuclear weapons programme. It is stated that the report shows that 'Iran was secretly working towards obtaining a nuclear weapon'.

One needs only to read the news reports from around that time, or the report itself, to see that the report did not make that suggestion.


Tehran says it wants nuclear technology for peaceful purposes but the West believes Iran is developing weapons.

In November the UN's International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) released a report with new evidence showing Iran was secretly working towards obtaining a nuclear weapon.

It did not say that Iran had succeeded in mastering the relevant technology or how long it might take to develop a bomb.

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Comments (2)

1. Teymoor Nabili25 April 2012 11:47

In the same way that the New York Times admitted that Ahmadinejad did not threaten to attack Israel, yet continued to propagate the idea within the very same article.

2. hobo25 April 2012 13:48

sad isnt the organisation some believe it to be,i prefer press tv or russia toady.for more objective news.

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