BBC: 'Early' End to a Ten Year War and Occupation?

BBC News - 11 January 2013
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Following Barack Obama's announcement that US troops in Afghanistan will have 'a different mission' this spring, noting that 'our troops will continue to fight alongside Afghans when needed', the BBC have misleadingly headlined the story with 'Early Afghan combat handover agreed' and 'US to end Afghan combat role early'.

If, for example, Russia had occupied a country for over ten years and then made an announcement that they would change mission in a few months, promising to still fight 'when needed' and leave 66,000 troops there until 2014, it would be hard to imagine the BBC citing this as an 'early' end to the occupation. The headline, apart from hardly representing the reality of the story, appears to identify with the rhetoric of the US and UK governments.


Early Afghan combat handover agreed

US to end Afghan combat role early

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