BBC Headline Change: Iran Goes from 'not building' to 'undecided on' Nuclear Bomb

BBC News - 25 April 2012
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The image below shows how the BBC initially ran the headline 'Iran not building nuclear bomb, Israeli military chief says', and then changed the words 'not building' to 'undecided on' for their story about Israel's Lt Gen Benny Gantz's interview with Haaretz.


Headline: (11:13 AM) Iran not building nuclear bomb, Israeli army chief says

Headline: (12:05 PM) Iran undecided on nuclear bomb - Israel military chief

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Comments (1)

1. Carlos02 May 2012 16:59

Interesting; and thanks for this good example of News and Change.
Even more interesting would be to know just Who Phoned Who between 11:13 and 12:05 to order and/or suggest the change.

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