BBC Misinforms about Venezuela's 2002 Opposition Coup

BBC News - 5 March 2013
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In their 'look back' at the life of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, the BBC have been quick to rewrite the events of the 2002 coup.

James Robbins summarised:

In 2002 the whole country was embroiled in a general strike and Chavez was briefly pushed from office. But just two days later, after his supporters, mainly the poor, took to the streets, President Chavez was back in the palace.

The events during which Hugo Chavez was ‘pushed from office’ were, contrary to Robbins’s claims, not the result of a general strike. Rather, the footage shown by the BBC was filmed during a violent coup attempted by opposition parties. The general strike occurred in December 2002, 7 months after the coup attempt, during which Chavez remained in office.

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Comments (3)

1. reppinca05 March 2013 23:07

Yes I remember the events well... Orwell would be proud that at lease some of us do not speak 'double speak' but can read between the |Lines| ...RT

2. John O'Malley06 March 2013 11:04

I tuned into Sky News around 11.00 last night and heard a nauseating interview with an American Senator Ed Boyce? In it he made a series of claims against Hugo Chavez including suggesting that his popularity should be compared to that of Hitler and that he had taken money from jews and redistributed to the poor. I came to this when the item was underway so cannot say whether any balance was attempted but gues that it was not.

3. Maureen Hughes24 February 2015 22:11

I had just returned to England from the US and my sleep pattern was disrupted. I watched a BBC programme very late at night about a film crew who happened to be filming at Chavez' palace in Caracas when the attempted coup took place. It was riveting viewing and immediately after the programme finished I e-mailed the BBC to comment on how good it was and to suggest that they show it again at a time when more people were likely to see it.

I heard nothing from the BBC and, as far as I know, it was not shown again, though I continued to look out for it as I found it such an exceptional piece of reporting.

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