BBC News asks whether Gaza hospitals and schools are legitimate targets

BBC News - 4 August 2014
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A BBC News website page has asked whether hospitals and schools (in Gaza) can be legitimate targets during a war, a question that rightly is normally not open to debate during conflicts. The article opens with an endorsement for such war crimes from an Israeli student who "explains why she thinks hospitals and UN shelters are legitimate targets for Israeli rockets"

Update (5 August 2014 10:30): BBC News appear to have changed the headline for this page to "Gaza conflict: Contrasting views on targeting". The updated headline can be seen on the article's page.


Headline: Israel-Gaza conflict: Are hospitals and schools a legitimate target?

Introduction: Sophie Tal, 23, is a history student at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She has two brothers and a boyfriend serving in the Israeli army and explains why she thinks hospitals and UN shelters are legitimate targets for Israeli rockets.

Quote: "In this case targeting those buildings is the moral and right thing to do."

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Comments (5)

1. Tristan04 August 2014 19:43

This is a new low even for the BBC. My complaint has already been sent in!

2. Bobby J04 August 2014 21:16

On the contrary, they are trying to stimulate debate. If the scenario was cut and dried, i.e. the Israeli's are targetting hospitals and shelters for the sake of it - then no, their actions are indefensible. If, however, the Israelis come under fire from one of these buildings, do they not have the right to defend themselves from combatants who are breaking the neutrality of places such as UN shelters or hospitals?

And no - I'm not supporting eother side. Both, at various times, are as bad as each other. I'm simply playing devils advocate, as this is the sort of debate the BBC is trying to raise.

3. kate 06 August 2014 10:42

Freedom of speech wins for me on this one. Asking 'are hospitals and schools a legitimate target? - invites a 'No' answer to anyone decent, and I'd like those who disagree to be accountable so that their views can be challenged. The fact the first to comment was described as having a boyfriend and brothers in the Israeli army clearly indicates her partisan credentials. I reckon the better bet is to engage and win a pretty clear argument.

4. Eddie12 August 2014 02:18

Gee.. when I'm feeling low and I need a bit of pro-Israeli propaganda rammed down my throat to perk me up, I head for the BBC.. and not once has it ever failed me.

Seriously, what low would the BBC not sink to on Israel's behalf?

On a side note, is there any website out there that doesn't have a Mossad trained troll hanging around all day leaving pro-Israeli nonsense?.. yeah, I thought not.

5. Denise26 August 2014 19:54

Noam Chomsky said there are certain debates you lose just by taking part in them.

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