Deceptive Headline: WMD Accusations about Iran in the Telegraph

The Telegraph - 6 June 2012
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In an example of a headline being summarised to the extent of being strongly deceptive, the Telegraph ran a story entitled "Businessman 'exported WMD chemicals to Iran'"; a title which may leave a reader with little doubt that Iran has a chemical WMD programme.

The article itself points out that in reality there was a 'risk of diversion' of these chemicals to a WMD programme when in Iran (i.e. that there is no WMD accusation), which makes the headline appear quite misleading.

Additionally, the image chosen for the article is irrelevant to the material, but potentially serves to further demonise Iran.


Headline: Businessman 'exported WMD chemicals to Iran'

A businessman exported chemicals to Iran which could have been used to create weapons of mass destruction, the Old Bailey heard today.

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