Iran 'Threatens', the US 'Warns'

BBC News - 28 December 2011
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Iran's pledge to react to sanctions is reported as a 'threat', while it is reported in the same article that the American military (who have 'not ruled out military action') simply 'warns' that they will react to the blocking of the Strait of Hormuz. Again the idea of Iran being irresponsible, or reckless, is portrayed (they have 'vowed to respond by attacking Israeli and US interests in the region), while the US is portrayed as a responsible overseer (the 'US maintains a naval presence in the Gulf, largely to ensure the transport of oil remains open') in the article.

As in previous reporting, no challenge is made to the assumption (which is now almost accepted as truth) that Iran is developing nuclear weapons.
Headline: 'US warns Iran over threat to block oil route'

...Washington and Israel have not ruled out military action against Iran's nuclear facilities if sanctions and diplomacy fail.

Iran has vowed to respond by attacking Israeli and US interests in the region.

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Comments (2)

1. Struan29 December 2011 12:45

Is there a reason why you didn't include a link to the story on the BBC website that you're criticising?

2. Editors29 December 2011 12:57

Struan - forgot to add the link, it's been updated now. Thanks for pointing it out.

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