Iran's 'Nuclear Weapons Programme' Mentioned Again with no Evidence

The Guardian - 21 April 2013
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In their story about Glencore's trading with Iranian state-owned company Iralco, The Guardian mention a 'Nuclear Weapons Programme' in the headline for the story.

In addition to this, another unfounded claim of weapons being developed is present in the mention of Obama putting 'pressure on Tehran to end its atomic weapons programme.'

As in numerous cases in the past, no proof beyond speculation is provided to demonstrate the existence of the 'weapons' part of this programme in Iran.

Update 24/4/13: The Guardian have now corrected the headline, but the reference to Tehran's 'atomic weapons programme' remains in the text.


Headline: Glencore traded with Iranian supplier to nuclear weapon's programme

...The question surrounding Glencore's role in unintentionally potentially helping arm a nuclear Iran comes as Obama ramps up pressure on Tehran to end its atomic weapons programme.

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