Israel Has a 'Task', Iran Presents a 'Threat'

BBC News - 27 February 2012
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On the BBC's 'How Israel might strike at Iran' page, defence corresspondent Johnathan Marcus reports on the options Israel might use to attack Iran, without noting that such an attack would be illegal, or that there is no proof of existence of nuclear weapons.

The BBC then gives one of their lists of military hardware used by both sides. Amazingly, one of the headers for each kind of Israeli plane is 'Task', while the equivalent header for Iran is 'Threat' (see image below).

Odd, given that the page is about an Israeli threat towards Iran.


Table headers for Israel: "Aircraft, Details, Task"
Table headers for Iran: "Type, System, Threat"

Update 15:40 -
BBC News have now changed the word 'threat' to 'efficacy' on this page.

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Comments (3)

1. David Cromwell27 February 2012 16:20

Excellent work - many thanks for this.

Exchange with the Middle East editor of BBC online is posted at the link below:

David Cromwell
Co-Editor, Media Lens

2. Al06 March 2012 21:10

Keep up the good work - it's the drip, drip of propaganda which does the dirtiest work and getting the media to make changes, however minor, are victories for rationality. Things like this remind me we are right.

3. Merlin Norbury08 March 2012 13:29

Well done the good people at BBC Unspun

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