Police claims not questioned, eye-witness accounts forgotten

BBC News - 12 August 2011
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In Peter Jackson's analysis of the rumours behind the riots, he refers to the incident that is said to have initiated the Tottenham riot (the attack of a girl by police). He writes about a girl who "threw a stone" and then was "knocked to the ground by police officers". He then goes on to question whether the girl was attacked by police, but does not at all question whether the girl threw the stone. The sense is created from this analysis that what we hear from eye-witnesses can be 'rumours', but what police say cannot be.

Furthermore, this differentiates largely from the eye-witness account given to BBC News during the Tottenham riot itself.
Witnesses claimed a teenage girl was knocked to the ground by police after she threw a stone at officers - allegations police say they are investigating.

But whether or not a girl was attacked, the rumour quickly spread through the crowd and then on via mobile phones and the internet to the rest of the UK and beyond.

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