Roger Noriega calls for overthrow of Chavez, and then informs BBC analysis article

BBC News - 28 July 2011
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In the BBC's analysis of who could succeed Hugo Chavez as President of Venezuela, one of the experts quoted is Roger Noriega, part of the conservative US think tank, American Enterprise Institute. It is worth noting that shortly before this analysis appeared on the BBC website, Noriega wrote an article in the Miami Herald.

His article called for opposition leaders to "jumpstart a transition", while the "ailing dictator [is] off the political stage". His ending suggests a reassurance of US assistance: "If they act urgently, they may even be able to convince slumbering policy makers in Washington to support a Caracas Spring over Chavismo without the charm."
"He [Elias Jaua] is just a sheer placeholder," says Mr Noriega. "He's trusted by the Cubans but he doesn't have any charisma whatsoever".

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