Telegraph Headline calls for War

The Telegraph - 3 November 2011
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In what is pure speculation from the Telegraph concerning Iran's nuclear capabilities, writer Con Coughlin has claimed that Iran is "close to achieving its ambition of acquiring nuclear weapons" and called for "Obama to act" against Iran. Like the rest of the media, the paper is making unfounded assumptions that next week's IAEA report will confirm that Iran is developing nuclear weapons.

The fact that any attack on Iran is an illegal war crime is omitted.
Headline: "Iran is on the verge of getting the Bomb. It is time for President Barack Obama to act"

Unlike previous IAEA reports – which, under the leadership of Dr Mohamed ElBaradei, deliberately sought to obfuscate the true nature of Iran’s activities – this one will demonstrate unequivocally that Iran is well on the way to acquiring nuclear weapons.

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