Telegraph's Dan Hodges Says BBC News Didn't Mention Hamas Rocket Attacks. They Did.

The Telegraph - 19 November 2012
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Dan Hodges has written in The Telegraph that BBC Radio 4's Today 08:00 news report was 'totally and utterly biased' towards Palestinian viewpoints. Hodges took issue because the report discussed the 18 Palestinians killed overnight, but didn't mention, he said, the 'Hamas fighters bombarding Israel'. 'How can that, from any objective viewpoint, represent balanced reporting?', he asked.

Quite simply put, Hodges is incorrect in this claim, and has either ignored or not heard the whole report. For his article he transcribes a quote from the radio news report, but this ends before correspondent Jon Donnison's report from Gaza which follows, and does mention the return fire.

As part of his report, Jon Donnison points out that:

...for a second night running, fighters in Gaza have returned little fire since midnight. But as was the case over the weekend, the rockets may resume later in the day. On Sunday, Tel Aviv was targeted by Hamas. A long-range rocket was shot down by Israel.

[The report can be heard by visiting the iPayer page for the show which will be available until 26 November and skipping to 2 hours].

Clearly, the report mentions what Hodges claims it did not.

Note: Almost a year ago, Dan Hodges called for the Creation of a 'Start the War Coalition' to lobby for an attack on Iran.


This morning there was no such ambiguity. No room for argument, or debate. The top of the BBC bulletin was totally and utterly biased... the 08.00 bulletin the BBC chose not to report the Hamas attacks at all. Not one word...

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Comments (5)

1. Mr F19 November 2012 14:02

skip to an hour and you get the 7am news not the 8am referenced in Mr Hodges article

2. News Unspun Editors19 November 2012 14:12

Thanks Mr F - this has been corrected.

3. Undisclosed19 November 2012 14:49

Typical Daily Telegraph

4. mark golding - Children of Iraq Association22 November 2012 12:02

One hopes the BBC is set on a path of destruction simply because the BBC is blindly resolute in supporting a long deceased great power structure that has continued to extend the impossible by deception and war.

That deception endeavors to manipulate our thinking by diversion and entertainment in much the same way an ancient Rome near to collapse staged gladiator gore in the arena’s of death.

Yet this fondling of our cognitive map is finally emerging as bankrupt simply because the Internet, that great British HTTP invention called the ‘www’ has already begun to evolve our lives from people like Craig who speak the truth in the face of this collective delusion. We realise to understand something is to be liberated from it.

We exist in an age of consequence. Too long have we endured a rapacious financial system, abject poverty for millions, escalating war, violence, torture and environmental fall-out.

Government and religion have stalled. Our lives reside with war, conquest, poverty disparity and death.

Those four Horsemen are active and real. The very trait that enabled us to survive is the very trait that has suppressed us.

I believe we can no longer allow the gate-keepers to overwhelm our thoughts and obscure our reasoning.

The power of intention forced Israel to cease fire with Hamas. It is that power in our blogs, tweets, websites, films, voice and boots on the ground that will free the people of Gaza from the blades of genocide; the blood of their children will stain Israel, putrefy her cause and render her leaders prostate and paralysed. The sequel is overdue.

5. Tommy22 November 2012 12:38

The BBC despicably misrepresents the events, ignores the chronology. Palestinian refugees held captive in conditions equivalent to concentration camps, driven from their homes and home towns into Gaza at gunpoint, have a perfectly legitimate right to self-defence from the Israeli war criminals recurring genocidal attacks, they and their descendants and inheritors have immutable rights or return to their property and lives in Greater Palestine, to recover those homes and land. No puny fireworks they can launch at Israel can ever mask the greater pre-meditated supreme crimes that Zionist Israel commits routinely.

The US, UK and European states and generations of their leaders, culminating in Obama, Cameron and Hague not only turn a blind eye but facilitate this evil and they are complicit.

The lying swine running the BBC are an absolute disgrace, and this pitiful Hodges creature's imbecilic bleating after being pumped full of disingenuous Israeli propaganda is a total inversion of the facts and on the basis of this rot he's written he should, along with whatever management or editorial staff exist at the Telegraph and BBC, be dismissed. He says he doesn't have a balanced view of the current situation, I don't think he could hold a balanced view on anything and he shouldn't expect to get that from the BBC. If for once the BBC has given the Palestinians a brief and tiny voice, it may well have been an aberration on their part. Hamas is democratically elected, this country, Britain is closest now to totalitarian dictatorship than any country could ever be. As far as I am concerned the BBC is a proscribed terrorist organisation and the Telegraph some sort of fancily decorated chip poke.

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