The Debate Begins on David Cameron's Plan to Privatise Roads

BBC News - 19 March 2012
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In a report titled 'Roads Plc? Why privatisation might look tempting', BBC political editor, Nick Robinson, writes what amounts to a ten-step endorsement of privatisation.

He notes only two 'cons' in his analysis, among them that the public don't like to see privatised that which they 'think' they own.

Robinson concludes his report linking to two reports 'which examine the options'. Both reports advocate charges for road use.


...and two big reasons why it might not

1. The public hate the idea of road tolls. Labour's examination of road tolls produced an e-petition of 1.7 million names which is why David Cameron is now saying that he won't allow tolls on existing roads. Since then the cost of motoring has gone up

2. The public don't much like anything that smacks of privatising that which they already think they own (although water shows that once it's happened people shrug their shoulders and get on with their lives)

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Comments (1)

1. Peter24 March 2012 10:41

I am at a loss to see the advantage of road privatisation.A private company has to make a profit and dividens to its share holders as well as the road upkeep.That must take money from the public road upkeep.I heard it said money from the road fund licence(as it used to be called)was going to go to private firms for this use.Surely that money would go further in the public sector.What also needs to be done is incompetence should be met with dismisal when a contract to either public or private contractors does not meet with expectations and costs more for less.Most P.F.I.contracts are costing more than when in public hands but no-one is held to account.

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