When are Jihadists not Terrorists? When they Attack 'our' Enemy

BBC News - 2 August 2012
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A recent example of BBC reporting in line with the views of UK foreign policy can be seen in an article about the role of Jihadists in Syria.

As the report points out, both the UK-backed 'FSA and jihadists want an end to Assad's regime'. However, in this context, the BBC does not refer to the Jihadists as 'terrorists' operating in the conflict (as the media normally deems such groups), but rather refers to the 'struggle' in a sub-headline within the article.

It seems 'terrorist' is a label reserved specifically for those considered 'enemies' of the UK and its allies. In this, the media is very much in step with the position of the government once again.


Sub-headline: "Urbanisation of the struggle"

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