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Iran's 'Nuclear Weapons Programme' Mentioned Again with no Evidence

The Guardian - 21 April 2013

In their story about Glencore's trading with Iranian state-owned company Iralco, The Guardian mention a 'Nuclear Weapons Programme' in the headline for the story.

In addition to this, another unfounded claim of weapons being developed is present in the mention of Obama putting 'pressure on Tehran to end its atomic weapons programme.'

As in numerous cases in the past, no proof beyond speculation is provided to demonstrate the existence of the 'weapons' part of this programme in Iran.

Update 24/4/13: The Guardian have now corrected the headline, but the reference to Tehran's 'atomic weapons programme' remains in the text.

Headline: Glencore traded with Iranian supplier to nuclear weapon's programme

...The question surrounding Glencore's role in unintentionally potentially helping arm a nuclear Iran comes as Obama ramps up pressure on Tehran to end its atomic weapons programme.

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Mitt Romney Doesn't Threaten, He Just 'Woos' Others

The Guardian - 27 July 2012

The Guardian's headlines about Iran continue to deceive. As Mitt Romney talks to Israel about the idea of a military attack on Iran, the Guardian interpret this not as a threat, but rather quite positively, stating that he "woos Israel" by considering such an attack.

Imagine if Iran was 'considering a strike' on Israel - would The Guardian feel the need to report such a threat in a positive way?

Headline: Mitt Romney woos Israel by considering US strike against Iran

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Misleading Guardian Headline Portrays Iran as the Aggressor

The Guardian - 4 July 2012

The Guardian has run an article about Iran's statement that they will respond, in the Guardian's words, 'within minutes of an attack on the Islamic Republic'. The text of the article clarifies that the statement was about retaliation, however the headline given to the report is "Iran 'ready to fire missiles at US bases'", which falsely portrays Iran as the aggressor in the situation.

Headline: Iran 'ready to fire missiles at US bases'

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Democratic Referendum 'can't happen' with an EU bailout

The Guardian - 3 November 2011

There is a suggestion in the Guardian that the Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou was incorrect to have ever decided to call a referendum on the bailout package. The sub-headline read that he "admits" that there can be no referendum. This of course suggests that the fact that a referendum "can't happen" was true from the start, but that it just took a while for the Greek PM to catch up.

George Papandreou admits public vote can't happen

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Spanish Protest: who clashed with who?

The Guardian - 27 May 2011

An article describing police use of force towards protesters in Barcelona has run with the Headline "Spanish protesters clash with police over clean-up", suggesting that there was violence from both sides. A video clip on the article goes to show police using batons against protesters who are standing or sitting on the street. The article also goes on to say that "violence breaks out" and "trouble erupted" without specifying who the violence/trouble was targeted at.

Trouble erupted when thousands of supporters arrived and blocked access roads. Police cleared routes out of the square by using batons, reportedly injuring 99 people and arresting two.

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'Outraged Greeks snarl' apparently

The Guardian - 22 April 2011

In an article about privatisation of Greek services, the western media's image of the Greek public is maintained, as Helena Smith depicts them as angry and mindless.

Outraged Greeks snarl that the sale will be the equivalent of auctioning the family silver.

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Simon Jenkins suggests that protest is undemocratic

The Guardian - 24 March 2011

The Guardian's Simon Jenkins shows a peculiar view of democracy when discussing the upcoming TUC protest.

Taking to the streets to overturn a decision of an elected government challenges democracy.

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