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Ortega Wins 'Controversial' Third Term with 60% Support

BBC News - 11 January 2011

In their reporting of Daniel Ortega's new presidential term in Nicaragua, the BBC use their favourite adjective when describing left-wing Latin American presidents or their terms in office: 'controversial'.

Ortega received more than 60% of the vote.

Compare this with the BBC's Q&A about Greece's unelected technocracy. No controversy there, apparently.

Daniel Ortega has been sworn in for a controversial third term as Nicaragua's president following his landslide victory in November's polls.

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BBC Speculates on the Suitability of Iranian Site for Air Strikes

BBC News - 9 January 2011

Why is BBC news website speculating about sites for potential air strikes within Iran in this report? The report is a clear example of how the idea of war on Iran is being normalised in the public consciousness.

It [the uranium enrichment facility] is underground, heavily fortified and protected by the armed forces - making it a very difficult target for air strikes.

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Selective imagery: Demonise the protesters

BBC News - 27 January 2011

While reporting a story about a petition to end police kettling at protests, the BBC use a grossly misrepresentative image for the story: one of a fire by protestors. This conforms to previous BBC reporting of the student protests, which ensure that the protestors are portrayed as dangerous beings who threaten a 'breach of the peace'.

[kettling] is only used as a last resort to prevent an actual or imminent breach of the peace (see the image on the news page).

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Is corruption or 'anger at corruption' the problem in Egypt?

BBC News - 25 January 2011

Instead of referring to 'corruption' as a problem in Egypt, the BBC refer to 'anger at official corruption' as one of the social and political problems that Egypt shares with Tunisia:

Egypt has many of same social and political problems that brought about the unrest in Tunisia - rising food prices, high unemployment and anger at official corruption.

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Assumption that Iran has nuclear weapons

BBC News - 21 January 2011

Reporting on Tony Blair's time at the Chilcot Inquiry, the BBC make an unfounded claim that Iran has a nuclear weapons programme:

Asked whether what had happened in Iraq had made the risk from Iran and other countries developing nuclear weapons worse, rather than better, he said: "I don't think so."

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Littlejohn commends Britons for infrequent nature of Islamaphobic attacks

The Daily Mail - 21 January 2011

Richard Littlejohn of The Daily Mail suggests that Britain should be proud that Islamaphobic attacks are 'few and far between':

But it is to our collective credit that reprisals against Muslims have been few and far between.

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