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Roger Noriega calls for overthrow of Chavez, and then informs BBC analysis article

BBC News - 28 July 2011

In the BBC's analysis of who could succeed Hugo Chavez as President of Venezuela, one of the experts quoted is Roger Noriega, part of the conservative US think tank, American Enterprise Institute. It is worth noting that shortly before this analysis appeared on the BBC website, Noriega wrote an article in the Miami Herald.

His article called for opposition leaders to "jumpstart a transition", while the "ailing dictator [is] off the political stage". His ending suggests a reassurance of US assistance: "If they act urgently, they may even be able to convince slumbering policy makers in Washington to support a Caracas Spring over Chavismo without the charm."

"He [Elias Jaua] is just a sheer placeholder," says Mr Noriega. "He's trusted by the Cubans but he doesn't have any charisma whatsoever".

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Brendan O'Neill brings anti-Semitism into the Hackgate debate

The Telegraph - 25 July 2011

Brendan O'Neill at the Telegraph thinks that the Murdoch scandal is a conspiracy theory, offensively comparing anti-Murdoch sentiment to pre-World War 2 anti-Jew propaganda.

This is pure conspiracy theorising; the nonsense belief that power is something that exists and occurs in hidden corners, over glasses of wine, between people unknown and unknowable to the rest of us. Change the word “Murdoch” to “Jew” and none of this stuff would have looked out of place in some cranky “news” sheet in the 1930s.

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Nick Triggle excuses predicted NHS reform problems

BBC News - 14 July 2011

Nick Triggle at the BBC reports on the NHS being opened up to the market in a very positive way, demonstrating a pro-privatisation bias, despite widespread opposition to the plans from the majority of the general public, the British Medical Association, the Royal College of Nursing, and the Royal College of GPs.

His analysis goes on to almost excuse the predicted rise in waiting lists and decline in service, by saying "Such problems will probably be blamed on the reforms. But in reality in many cases it will be hard to tell whether the changes have helped or hindered performance."

[Headline]: Analysis: Why the NHS wants to move on

Greater competition and choice, albeit more managed now after the listening exercise, is clearly the way forward.

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UK Uncut still being called 'rioters' despite Met Police contradiction

The Telegraph - 19 July 2011

The Telegraph's reporting on the release of the UK Uncut activists who occupied Fortnum and Mason on March 26th describes the activists as "cuts rioters" who "invaded" the store. Around the time of the event, it was clarified that those in the store were peaceful, while rioters were in the street outside. A chief inspector from the Metropolitan Police referred to the protest as "non-violent and sensible".

Escape for cuts rioters who invaded Fortnum and Mason

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NATO not mentioned when reporting on Libyan rebel's human rights abuses

BBC News - 14 July 2011

Reporting on human rights abuses by the rebels in the Libyan war, the BBC has neglected to mention NATO's involvement anywhere in the article on the subject. After months of reporting on NATO's help for the rebels in the attempt to overthrow Col. Gaddafi, this is a clear example of omitting important information from the story.

[Headline]: Libyan rebels abused civilians: Human Rights Watch

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Anti-union reporting: taking advantage of a tragedy

The Telegraph - 1 July 2011

In what appears to be a low-point in anti-union reporting, the Telegraph use the headline of the story of Sophie Howard, the 13 year old girl killed in Peterborough on Wednesday to blame the teacher's strike. While the strike is of course a factor in the story, mentioning it in the headline does come across as subtly blaming the strike for the death.

13-year-old girl crushed by tree during teacher strike.

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