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Ex-council boss 'says' something he didn't say

The Telegraph - 25 November 2011

In a typical attack on the public sector once again, a headline has been created from the following quote of outgoing CE of the Local Government Association:

"I don't regard it as peanuts; I regard it as high pay"

The headline reads "£300,000 a year ex-council boss says his pay was 'peanuts'"

Quite clearly, he did not say that he thought his pay was 'peanuts', as the headline more than suggests. Rearranging of words for this article by Christopher Hope has pressed the idea that money is wasted through the public sector. The same headline regarding a role in the private sector is unimaginable in The Telegraph.

Headline: £300,000 a year ex-council boss says his pay was 'peanuts'

Quote within article: 'I don’t regard it as peanuts; I regard it as high pay.'

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Creative wording following IAEA report about Iran

The Telegraph - 12 November 2011

Adrian Blomfield at the Telegraph wrote that Iran "appeared" to be building nuclear weapons, in a clear example of being creative with words since the release of the IAEA report concerning Iran's nuclear capabilities.

On Tuesday, UN weapons inspectors released their most damning report to date into Iran's nuclear activities, saying for the first time that the Islamic republic appeared to be building a nuclear weapon.

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More Presumptions about Iran Nuclear Arms

BBC News - 5 November 2011

A headline on the BBC website again misleads towards what are assumptions about Iran's nuclear programme. The media has for days being reporting about an IAEA report which they say will prove that Iran is developing nuclear weapons. The headline chosen for this by the BBC is "UN 'finds Iran nuclear arms bid'".

This headline is based entirely on assumptions but serves to mislead readers.

An attempt at impartiality is made at the end of the article: "Analysts say they believe Iran may still be several years away from having nuclear weapons."

UN 'finds Iran nuclear arms bid'

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Telegraph Headline calls for War

The Telegraph - 3 November 2011

In what is pure speculation from the Telegraph concerning Iran's nuclear capabilities, writer Con Coughlin has claimed that Iran is "close to achieving its ambition of acquiring nuclear weapons" and called for "Obama to act" against Iran. Like the rest of the media, the paper is making unfounded assumptions that next week's IAEA report will confirm that Iran is developing nuclear weapons.

The fact that any attack on Iran is an illegal war crime is omitted.

Headline: "Iran is on the verge of getting the Bomb. It is time for President Barack Obama to act"

Unlike previous IAEA reports – which, under the leadership of Dr Mohamed ElBaradei, deliberately sought to obfuscate the true nature of Iran’s activities – this one will demonstrate unequivocally that Iran is well on the way to acquiring nuclear weapons.

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Democratic Referendum 'can't happen' with an EU bailout

The Guardian - 3 November 2011

There is a suggestion in the Guardian that the Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou was incorrect to have ever decided to call a referendum on the bailout package. The sub-headline read that he "admits" that there can be no referendum. This of course suggests that the fact that a referendum "can't happen" was true from the start, but that it just took a while for the Greek PM to catch up.

George Papandreou admits public vote can't happen

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Israel want to attack, but the threat in the media is still Iran

BBC News - 2 November 2011

Benjamin Netenyahy of Israel openly wants to invade Iran, and following testing of Israeli rockets this is reported in western media as entirely normal. Despite the fact that the news page on the BBC website is covering a threat of international aggression from Israel, the article still conveys the idea of Iran as the threat, reiterating the usual rhetoric about nuclear weapon development for which there is no evidence.

Israel and Western powers say Iran has been trying to build a nuclear weapon. Iran says its nuclear programme is for peaceful purposes.

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